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Watch a YouTube video of a newborn calf being weighed at Blackrock Angus.


An EBV of major importance to selection at BLACKROCK.
Now that the cattle industry has developed a DOCILITY EBV we are putting a lot of selection pressure on choosing breeding sires with above average EBVs for docility. We are also carefully monitoring sale bulls so that we do not release any bulls into the commercial industry that have a poor temperament.

At BLACKROCK we monitor all progeny at 200, 400 & 600 days of age for docility in accordance with standard industry practice.

We are pleased to see that -

  1. Very little change takes place in the individual animal scores between the three different recording dates.

  2. There is a good correlation between the recorded data and the resultant EBV.

This gives us confidence in using the Docility EBV in animal selection.